Social Media VS Mental Health


Kaitie Lamb

Over the last decade, social media has blown up and almost every person has at least one social media account. Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook are some of the biggest social media platforms that can impact a person’s life. Social media can harm the way a person views themselves mentally and physically with all the unrealistic standards being portrayed on social media. Social media does more harm than good for people’s mental health. 

Social Media affects the way people perceive themselves. Many women and young girls constantly compare themselves to the unrealistic standards of women that social media continues to push on to others. Always wanting to be skinner than the girls on social media can cause many people to develop eating disorders.

Hand in Hand with the eating disorders comes depression and anxiety. Many experts agree that the constant use of today’s mobile devices helps aid anxiety in a multitude of ways. Users can develop separation anxiety from their phones as well as social anxiety. Communicating via phone and social media has made many people afraid to talk to others in real life. Depression can be brought on by the fact that the relationships people are making online are not as emotionally charged as relationships you make in the real world.