Chick-Fil-A From Home

Chick-Fil-A From Home


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If you have ever been to Chick-Fil-A, you would know that they are different from any other fast food restaurant. From working outside in the crazy weather, to saying “my pleasure”, they do things differently than your typical fast food restaurant. 

Recently, there has been talk about Chick-Fil-A trying something new that we have never seen before. A TikTok was posted a few weeks ago of a CFA taking orders from home. There would be an iPad and a speaker, and they would take orders from their house, and they would get sent to the restaurant. 

You may be wondering, “Why”? CFA wants to keep everyone as healthy as they possibly can. Doing this will illuminate the amount of contact they have with the customer.  Some think this idea is awesome, because it is limiting the contact with customers, which is supposed to keep us healthier. Others think this idea is not so great, considering that people still have to make, bag, and hand out our food. 

What do you think? Do you think it would be a good idea for our local CFA to try this out? Or do you think it is pointless? Let us know in the poll below!