what is Pi network and how it can help you in the long run.

Gunnar Snider

Pi network is a mobile cryptocurrency mining app that you can download on your phone. Pi is free to download via a link but it is not free money, it depends on the collective amount of the members. Pi network is not quick but an easy way to make money, it is making a small amount of money overtime. Like many other cryptocurrencies, Pi is a form of digital money and it is maintained and secured by a privatized community instead of a corporation or government, while other currencies make it hard for everyone to get, pi can put it on your phone and have you start right away.

Pi currency is not a scam, it allows you to make contributions via adding people to it, the more people you have the more you earn. The people who built this network are also the people who helped build blockchain, a crypto savings/exchanging app, there is no guarantee that this project will work but you dont lose anything if it doesn’t. I will leave a link down at the end to help you get started. Once you have the app you sign in via email or apple sign-in, it gives you tool tips to help you. Once you press the lightning button it starts a mining activity for 24 hours, you can also boost your mining rate depending on how many people you have invited, after 3 mining activities you can boost your earning more by adding a security circle, which helps the overall security of the network.

Pi has no affect on how your phone operates, it doesnt use your data or bog down your phone, you can also close the app and it will still mine, the goal of this network is to be the most used world wide, to do so Pi’s earliest members would want to make contributions to keep their project alive, to realize the importance of getting to it early, there is only a certain amount of crypto that Pi will make before not making anymore, it’s like having a 100 dollar bill and splitting it up between the whole world, it’s worth becomes a lot more. it’s estimated it will stop around 10 million or 100 million contributors.

You can’t withdraw from Pi yet, we will be able to withdraw or exchange Pi in phase 3, Pi started back in March 14th, 2019, which makes this app 3 years old and it is still in development and the finished product is not ready. They want to make it to where no fake accounts can mine too only real people with real reasons to do this. Today Pi is worth nothing because it hasn’t hit the market yet, but when it does release there is a few amount of Pi in the world that makes the price skyrocket. Pi holders will be able to turn Pi into “real” money whether the purchase random things or exchange them. Holders have 2 options to turn it into real money: the “cash out” method, directly purchasing services with their crypto, or exchanging their crypto for other currencies (ex. dollars, pesos, etc.) on crypto exchanges. directly purchasing goods with Pi builds a strong network between Pi and other cryptocurrencies, it all depends on what exchanging app chooses to list Pi network. Pi will allow you to trade for physical forms of money but it wants to stay in the digital side of currencies.

Pi has a strict one account per person and its trying its hardest to make sure no one can cheat the system, over time their will machines learn the algorithm to make it harder for bots to get into the system making it fairer to the people who wanna make some money. Once in Phase 3 only accounts that are validated will be honored and be able to stay.Your phone for the most part will be as your wallet, like with other exchangers like blockchain, Pi will allow in-app/external to hold and withdraw currency. This will be a part of phase 3 technicality, during phase 3 you will be able to take full ownership of your private exchanger. Pi is still a work in progress as the days go on and more people add the app more people will have access to the network.

You can download the app via the app store and use this code to be able to get on and start mining:
( gunnarsnider )