The Crazy Straw

A Review of Dyer County’s Latest Drink Shop


Kaitie Lamb

As of recently, drink shops have been popping up all over Dyer County. Nutrition drinks have been the latest craze. Shops like Nutrition on the Square, South Blend, and Mac’s Nutrition Zone have been supplying us with our tea obsessions. The Crazy Straw however sells a different type of drink. Bubble tea originates from Taiwan and is milk or fruit tea with boba pearls in the bottom that have different flavors that burst in your mouth.

The Crazy Straw has a vast menu and sells more than just their milk or fruit bubble tea. The Crazy Straw has smoothie bowls, protein shakes, power shots, and organic juices. There are also healthy options such as avocado toast, apple nachos, and bagels and cream cheese.

The prices at the crazy straw are fairly reasonable as well.  A medium bubble tea costs $4.98 while a large costs $6.48. These prices compare pretty closely to nutrition drinks which tend to be around $8. A protein shake is $6.98. Their organic juices which have flavors from carrots to spinach offer two sizes, a 12 OZ for $4.95 and 16 OZ for $6.45.

The service should be noted as well. I went to The Crazy Straw right as school got out and the wait time was fairly short. The shop also offers free wifi and chairs and tables if you would like to stay and enjoy your treats there.

If you are interested in checking The Crazy Straw out they are located in Parker Plaza at 1681 A HWY 51 North in Dyersburg. The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays but operates Tues-Fri 7-430 and Sat 9-6.