Covid in India


Kaitie Lamb

Living in America can make it seem as if Covid-19 is on a decline. Case numbers have been going down and millions of citizens are receiving their vaccine. India, however, is seeing their second wave of Covid-19.

Just a few short weeks ago Indian officials were hopeful that the country would be seeing their final days of Covid. This week India reported the world’s highest number of new covid cases for the second day in a row. Everything in India is in short supply. ICU beds, medicine, and oxygen are being taken up by the minute. Dead bodies are piling up at different morgues and crematoriums.

Leaders realize the urgency of their situation now and are urging their citizens to help take action against the second wave. The problem is the citizens of India are still exhausted from the first round of the pandemic.

Experts that had been warning of a second wave of covid are frustrated that their warnings were not listened to. Officilals from multiple different countries have been blaming India’s officials for the severity of this second wave. Health care workers say the Indian public let their guard down and is why the second wave was able to advance so rapidly.