Senior Seasons Come to an End


Mary Norton, Journalist

This year is a special year for seniors since it is our last year. Just last week, one of my best friends went to state with our school’s volleyball team. She has played volleyball and been passionate about the sport almost all of her life. As their season ended it hit me that us seniors are going through so many emotions and so many lasts during this season of life. Cheer, which has been something I have loved since fifth grade is also coming to an end for me. This past Friday night, I cheered at my last home football game ever. This upcoming Friday, is my very last ever highschool football game. As sad as it is, I’ve realized that I am not the only one going through this, this year. Having to let go of a hobby you’ve had and loved for so long is honestly heartbreaking. But on a positive note, without these hobbies me and so many other athletes have made incredible memories and formed such strong bonds that I will forever be thankful for. If you are dreading this, just remember that there are so many new beginnings ahead!