Bills vs Chiefs AFC Divisional Game

Trent Wilson

The AFC Divisional game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City chiefs was defintely one to remember. This game was close through out the entire game, everytime the bills scored here comes the Chiefs to tie it up. Patrick Mahomes completed 33 of 44 passes for 378 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions. Mahomes also used his legs in the game with 69 rush yards on 7 carries and a score. Mahomes wasn’t the only one who put up amazing numbers as Josh allen did just as good if not better. Allen complete 27 of 37 passes for 329 yards with 4 touchdowns. Allen also rushed for 68 yards on 11 carries. Allen and Mahomes played an outstanding game and both of these great QB’s deserved to win this game.

Even though both of these teams played extremely well, there can only be one winner and that was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills were up in 29-26 with 1:54 left in the game. Then the Chiefs take a 33-29 lead with 1:02 left. The Bills then take a 36-33 lead with only 13 seconds left in the entire game. Everyone thought the bills had won, but Patrick Mahomes disagreed and drive the ball down feild in 10 seconds to get into feild goal range. The Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker, comes out and ties up the game to send it to overtime. The Chiefs win the toss and choose to reiceve the football. As always the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs drove the ball down feild for a touchdown to win the game and send them to the AFC Championship.

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes weren’t the only players who had a great game. Gabriel Davis had a historic game and if you didn’t know who he was before the game you definitley do now. Davis is the first player to catch 4 touchdown passes in a playoff game, he is the ninth player with over 200 yards in a playoff game, and his 2 fourth-quarter go-ahead touchdowns tied him for the most in a playoff game. Gabriel Davis had the best game of his life, and he has mutliple records to show it. The Cheifs had a total of 552 yards and the Bills had 422 total yards. This was a combined 974 total yards and is ranked as 15th most in playoff history. These teams played an outstanding game and both of teams fought for the win but only one can come out on top and that was the Kansas City Chiefs.