2021-2022 West TN Duck Season

Eli Powell

The 2021-2022 Duck Season for North West Tennesseans had been more productive for hunters all around than previous years. There were more ducks pushed down from the north thanks to winter storms. I had the honor of interviewing a fellow duck hunter, Trent Wilson, on this past season. Wilson stated, “The season was one of the best ones in recent years.” I asked Trent if they had killed more this year than last year. Trent said “Yes, quite a few more. We had quite a few days we ended in the 30s and 40s. It was pretty good for the last few weeks and the opener.” I had the opportunity to take the water with Mr Wilson for four of five days of the sixty day season. We killed quite a few ducks during those hunts, 34 being the lowest number of birds on a day. Yes of course there were the occasional slow days here and there, but this season produced a plentiful amount of ducks for the western Tennessee region. I’ve talked to plenty of other waterfowlers across the north west Tennessee region, just talking numbers and such, every hunter I’ve talked to has told me numbers had been up this year. All in all, this season has been much better than years past, and hopefully this production will keep increasing.