Grace Vaughn, Reporter

To successfully succeed in life, there should be a continuous plan that has to endure all through the process of life. Success is not an event, but a process. Unfortunately, few people have the passion to succeed. However, no one has the passion of not succeeding in life. Success comes in various facets.

One can succeed in business, religious endeavors, and relationships among other things. Every way of succeeding needs a well-calculated plan and a vision. Vision drives individuals to succeed in whatever they do. People visualize what is successful to them and strive to reach their goals. Everyone has their own perception of success. Therefore, whatever an individual perceives is what they get.

Additionally, individuals who consistently succeed have a thoughtful and clear strategy/vision. The individuals know what to do and when to do it. When strategic planning for success, the plan should be written down. For instance, when trying to lose weight, the plan should have practical measures that will ensure the aimed goal is accomplished. Specified time range should also be in writing. For example, if an individual wants to reach an academic goal, they have to plan, keeping in mind the time and money that is required. 

Another step in the formula to be successful is to be flexible and willing to take risks. Sometimes it is indispensable for the intended plan to follow through. Moreover, it is occasionally inevitable to change even the best plans. It is essential to be willing to completely start over and consider alternatives. Most successful business people are very flexible and take exceptionally high risks. Individuals who consistently win are more willing to try new things and get out of their comfort zone. 

Passion also needs to be in the works for someone to be successful in whatever is done. Individuals with passion are eager and energized in what they do. If an individual is interested in the medical field, they should passionately invest regardless of any risks involved. When students strive to succeed in their academic endeavors, it is crucial to study passionately and enthusiastically in every subject they take. 

Success is defined differently for everyone. To successfully succeed in life, it is important to have a continuous plan that has to endure all through the process of life. Moreover, success is a process and comes in various facets. To be successful, it is important to have a plan, to be flexible, to be willing to take risks, and to be passionate about what is done. Success does not come overnight and it has to be worked for.