Why Does Your Social Status Matter So Much? Small Excerpt About How Social Life Effects Everyone.

Why Does Your Social Status Matter So Much?  Small Excerpt About How Social Life Effects Everyone.

Shelby Palmer, Journalist, Photographer

Why is everyone’s self esteem so messed up? Is it because of what our brain tells us?, or maybe because we talk down on our own self. Maybe it’s how others make us feel. In high school, people start to branch out, find their own groups of people just like them. But what if some people get pushed out and feel like an outcast because they aren’t “accepted”.  How does this effect people and why does it happen?

As I’ve grown up and went through middle school/high school, I’ve never been accepted or been a friend to a big group of people just like me.  I only ever talked to people if they talked to me because I always stay to myself because I thought I didn’t fit in anywhere. But as I grew older, I held onto that habit, meaning, I never spoke to anyone unless I had to… Who cares about who you are seen with, how much money you have, how much money your family/parents have. We are all the same people inside and out and thats all we need in life, right?

How does this make people feel overall? Those people that don’t feel as accepted, or connected start to realize it, amd then start overthinking things about themselves. Am I not good enough? How can I change? Do I have the wrong friend group? Many thoughts like this can lower peoples self esteem in very negative ways.

For the people that seem to be “above” everyones else, how do they feel? These people may see how they are effecting others, and have a feeling of praise. They may feel like they have power over everyone else which feeds into their actions. It may be as small as body language, certain eye contact, or maybe even a look on someones face that makes you know that they make despise of you just becuase of the clothing brand you’re wearing, your last name, your looks. This drags you down so much. So why cant we all just get over the fact that not everyone is perfect? Why cant we all just realize that we are all different in our own unique ways. Before you say something to someone, look at them a certain way, think about how this person actually has feelings, and opinions. Consider always being the bigger person. Always walk by with a smile on your face because you never know what demons people are fighting deep down.