Fitting In

mary norton

Conforming in something is when you behave in a way that is accepted by society even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. I have experienced a few things where I had to conform to something to feel comfortable and be accepted into society. One of these that came to mind has to do with cussing. Nowadays inappropriate slang words such as cussing are used by many and frequently. When you’re a teenager in highschool, it almost feels weird to not have a “potty mouth” when everyone around you does. I morally do not agree with using these idol words. But, so I would feel “normal” or be a part of the majority, I conformed to them back in middle school. It is a terrible habit. I tend to take leadership very seriously in everything I do. I was a cheer captain this past season and never really had to change the style of leadership I was in. I am also pursuing leadership in my first job, Chick-Fil-a. In this case, I do have to change my style and functions to be a good leader due to the severity of chaos it holds. For example, I often have to stand my ground and make sure everyone is getting their jobs done well when we are slammed with customers. It doesn’t go smoothly when people aren’t taking action in my workplace. As a leader, I have had to change how my style is. In cheerleading, my leadership role was less formal and more carefree.