Hocus Pocus 2 Review


Lacie Coleman, Podcast, photography

   Hocus Pocus 2 was a sequel to the very well-known ‘Hocus Pocus,’ which came out in 1993. The original movie followed the lives of two teenagers, a little girl, and a cat in their journey to defeat the witches brought from the dead by a curse made centuries ago. The sequel came out on September 30th of this year on Disney Plus, 29 years after the first one. This movie brought excitement to kids and adults alike.

   I will admit that watching this sequel was not quite as interesting as the first movie. The original movie’s magic may be simply because I watched it without knowing what it would be about. Despite this, the movie was still very entertaining. I was very excited to see the original “witches” still take part in the sequel, and the backstory piqued my curiosity as well. The actors that portrayed the Sanderson sisters as children did very well, and the “mother” witch was a great touch to the storyline, as the first movie left me wondering about the “mother” that they referred to. 

   The ending was like closure, as the lead Sanderson sister realized that she cannot be without her sisters, and her emotions showed her to be human and not just evil. The sisters disappeared for the final time, indicating that, if there be another sequel, they would not be in it. I do hope that they continue with another movie with the newest main characters, as the ending seemed a bit abrupt and I wanted to know what happened afterwards. How are they now that they know their friend is a witch? Will she do good for others with her powers? How will she grow up? I have many questions that have yet to be answered.