Inside scoop of who’s REALLY who

Inside scoop of whos REALLY who

Audrey Harris and Brittany Anderson

Every year, the senior class votes on who they believe is the best fit for individual categories in their grade. This year’s categories are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. DCHS, best all around, most likely to succeed, most intelligent, most dependable, best personality, most school spirited, friendliest, funniest, best dressed, most athletic, most creative, mot involved, most talented, most likely to win a survival reality show, influencer on social media, and most likely to be late to graduation. This tradition allows a chance for any senior to get recognized for traits they possess that may not be fully based on academics, sports, or popularity. In this sense, students get to shine in the areas they excel at best. Each Superlative has at least one male and one female winner, and sometimes there are even more.  We caught up with a few of those chosen students and asked them some questions involving their personal superlative. 


Kyleigh Preslar (funniest): Q: “How many people would you say you make laugh in a day?” A:  “at least 50”  

Q: “What’s the best joke you can come up with right now?”  A:” what did the fish say when it ran into the wall. . . dam” “What did the wall say back to the fish. . . dumb bass” 


Lauren Rose (best dressed): Q: “What’s your favorite fashion trend (new or old) to surface this year?” A: “right now, sweater vests”

Q: ”What’s a fashion trend you think should never come back?” A: “Definitely capris. Just. . . no”  


Connor Liddell (most likely to succeed): Q: “What are your plans after high school?”  A: “ I plan to attend either Purdue University or University of Mississippi and get a bachelor’s in either computer science or engineering.” 

Q: “What is your dream job/career?”  A: “ I would like to intern or job shadow at businesses like google or amazon.”


Peyton Jowers (most likely to win a survival reality show): Q: “If you could only bring three items with you to a stranded island, what would they be?” A: “ I would bring a lighter, a knife, and I guess clothes “

Q: “What would you say your greatest strength is? “A- “I’d say I’m pretty good at hunting“ 


Congratulations to each and everyone of the superlative winners, and thank you to everyone who voted! Everyone has their own talents and strengths, and that deserves to be acknowledged. We want to end this article with honorable mentions to everyone who was awarded in these areas: Drew Evans and Julie Freeman (Mr. and Mrs. DCHS), Connor Liddell, Landon Liddell, and Brooke Buchanan (most likely to succeed), Seth Baker and Emma Briscoe (most intelligent), Braden Turnbow and Makayle Ray (most dependable), Kemarean Parker and Baylee Larson (best personality), Landon Burnette and Addie Roberson (most school spirited), Luke Williams and Ellie Westbrook (friendliest), Jacob Wilson, Jalyscia Smith and Kyleigh Preslar (funniest), Cooper Caldwell and Lauren Rose (best dressed), Brayln Taylor and Caitlyn Berry (most athletic), Dorian Owens and Grayce Shaver (most creative), Carter Ross and Lindsey Babbitt (most involved), Noah Norville and Audrey Harris (most talented), Peyton Jowers and Brittany Hollis (most likely to win a survival reality show), Andrew Griffith and Cameron Windle (influencer on social media), and last but not least, Draven Via and Adryanna Mar (most likely to be late to graduation).