The Rules of Comedy- Expert Comedic Relief


Jenna Harrison, Editor-in-Chief/Podcast Manager

DCHS Drama Club is known for its versatile resume of different genres of theater. This year, DCHS Drama’s play was The Rules of Comedy, which was a story of two students testing the “methods of comedy” using literature’s classic, most tragic ending scene, Hamlet. From crazy stunts with whipped cream in pie tins to endearing jokes, to even bringing an audience member on stage to drink “curdled milk”, it was a great show for this fall season. 

The talented cast included junior Kenny Claton and senior Hailey Morgan as the narrators of the production, the well-researched professor was played by sophomore Jordyn Johnson, who introduced and gave a history of the tragic last scene of Hamlet. 

There was also the cast who reenacted the last scene with sophomore Angelie Dykes as Hamlet himself, Polonius was played by Addie Owens, junior Lukas Hopkins played Laertes, the ghost of Hamlet’s father, and a frequent member of the first act was played by Ava Rogers, Horatio was played by Riley Lallas, Morgen Brandenburg played Claudius. Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover and Laertes’ sister, was played by Ariana Brandon, and Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, was played by junior Kate Ebelhar. 

The production also had many talented extras such as Victoria Duncan, Morgen Brandenburg, Riley Sipes, Ava Rogers, and Clayton Ducan. All of these actors had put in so much work in this production, and they reaped the benefits. 

Of course, all of this could not have happened without DCHS’ backstage crew, who dedicated themselves to the production just as the actors did so. These amazing people include the tech people who covered sound effects and lighting, which were Brooke Buchan and Lacie Colemen. There was also the backstage crew, which consisted of Zalena Edwards, Wendy Torres, Kristina Criswell, and Allssya Lane. 

There was also the house crew, who managed the lobby and concessions the nights that the production was performed, which is definitely worth a mention. This team included Evie Fuller, Chloe Strayhorn, Brooklyn Barbee, Aden Chole, Reese Miller, Remmie McElrath, La’Moshea Moser, Cody Bell, and Kimber Hoselten. 

And of course, there would be no drama club without Shay Arnold, who is the club president and was the stage manager of the entire production, Ms. Hilary Norrid, who teaches English here at DCHS, and Mrs. Reachel Hudgins, who teaches theatre and choir. 

Congratulations to all of the Drama Club members for an amazing fall production! DC Tribal Media cannot wait to see what you guys are planning for the spring production!