TikTok Teachers


Bradley Akin, Journalist

Christopher Clarke, a teacher at Washinton State University School of Economic Sciences creates TikToks explaining real-world issues. Most people believe teachers don’t have a place on TikTok but Clarke has a different opinion. Clarke states, “I want to help people better understand the world around them, and there’s almost always an economic angle.” His younger sister used to send him Youtube videos but eventually started to send Tiktoks and Clarke believed if that’s where young people are that’s where he needed to go. Clarke began posting five videos a week and then cross-posting on Twitter. He hand-picks topics based on current events, worldwide trends, or what he reads about. With around 40,000 followers Clarke picked TikTok based on where he could make the greatest impact. He says these videos keep him more up-to-date and make him a better teacher in the process. 

Teacher at Engineering and Science University Magnet School, Tim Brzezinski also posts on TikTok and many other social media platforms. Not only does Brzezinski post on TikTok, but he also uses Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram to share his knowledge. With around 20,000 followers/subscribers on all of his accounts; Brzezinski isn’t only aiming to educate students but to enlighten other educators on how they can use “active student-centered discovery-based learning.” Brzezinski uses these methods every day in his own classes by allowing students to use phones or computer applications to better understand “graspable math.” Reporters visit his classroom to realize he uses a variety of apps to engage students and help them creatively master how to apply mathematics in everyday life. Technology is here along with social media and I believe Tim is an amazing teacher in modern society; He should become an example of how teachers can make a difference in the education community right now.