New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

We are all familiar with the common traditions associated with ringing in the new year: staying up till midnight, sharing a kiss with someone once the clock strikes twelve, not washing clothes on New Year’s day, eating certain foods to bring luck, and, of course, resolutions for the new year. Now, whether all of these traditional superstition activities will truly predict what is to come in the new year, it is still fun to join in on. To celebrate the new year, we’re going to discuss the five most popular New Year resolutions of 2023. 


        1. Be healthier: 

Now this one doesn’t come as a shocker. This resolution is one of the most common resolutions used year after year. Gym membership sales definitely go through the roof after the start of the year. And whether you continue the journey or turn back to your old habits after the second week, kudos to you for trying. If you want to be as swole as Dwayne Johnson or be able to run a 5k every weekend, you may want to add this resolution roster. 


        2. Saving money: 

This is a resolution I think we all should be striving to do. With the way prices are rising nowadays, it’s hard to not spend a full check on what seems to be a few home necessities. Everyone has different reasons and methods for why and how they save money, but actually sticking to it is the hard part. If you have some money spending issues, this may be the resolution for you. 


        3. Spend more time with family/friends: 

With each year that comes, the more realization of time passing by comes along with it. Another year spent with beloved friends and family is a privilege that is sometimes taken for granted. If you have struggled with making enough quality time for those close to you, this may be a change you want to make for the new year. 


        4. Get organized:

Organization is a skill that comes naturally to some, and extremely difficult to others. Research has proven that organization may be a key to feeling happier and more put together. So, if you feel you need a little decluttering either physically, or mentally, maybe this resolution is for you. 


        5. Learning a new skill or hobby: 

When is a more perfect time to pick up a new hobby or skill then the beginning of the year. The new year brings new opportunities, and twelve whole months to do it! Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument, learn a new language, take up knitting, or even build your own furniture. If there’s a hobby that’s been sitting on your mind, maybe this is the year for you to start. 


Obviously there are many more resolutions and everyone’s goal changes each year. It’s important to remember though, saying you’re gonna make a change is one thing, but actually putting in the time and effort to make that change a reality is another. Let’s hope for a year that’s hard to forget. Happy new year!