Rise of Alani Nu’s

Rise of Alani Nus

McKinley Barron

     Alani Nu’s have taken over the energy drink world over the past year. With the colorful cans and different flavors teenagers and young adults have been craving these. Not only do they have energy drinks but also protein shakes, protein bars, and water packets. They are made out of Louisville, Kentucky. In a year they went from having a revenue of $68 million to $228 million. This is a great jump in just over a year. 


    Some of their flavors include cosmic stardust, peach, breezeberry, cherry slush, blue slush, watermelon, rocket pop, candy apple and much more. Not only do they have energy drinks but also protein shakes. The shakes have 20 grams of protein and 140 calories. They also have protein coffee with 10 grams of protein. They have so many different ways of getting your protein in and getting some energy along with it. 


     Alani has a lot of sponsors through college athletes and celebrities. TikTok Star Addison Rae has an energy drink of the flavor Berry Pop. Whitney Simmons is another sponsor of the blue slush flavor. Not only do they have drinks but also food. They have protein bars and gummies. The gummies are 80 calories and come in watermelon, grape, and fruit punch. 


     Alani Nu was founded by Katie Hearn. She spent years in women’s health and fitness and after years in the industry she started this company. In the past year Alani has rocketed in sales. This by far is the most popular energy drink right now. Social media, especially TikTok, have helped in this. They have tough competition, but their marketing brand really knows how to make their products standout. Alani’s come at a price of around $2 for a single drink which is cheap compared to the other energy drink obsession, loaded teas. These teas vary anywhere from $7-$10 for one drink. 


     In conclusion, Alani has grown tremendously in the past year and will continue to do so if they keep their growth levels up. They have many NCAA sponsors and social media influencers as well. As a customer of theirs, they really do have the best energy drinks and make you feel good about what you are drinking. I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a new drink to try out.