What are the Backrooms?


Jenna Lowrance and Kristen Farley

The Backrooms is a creepypasta, or legend about a labyrinth of random rooms, hallways, levels, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Each room/level contains its own array of beasts, monsters, and/or entities. Each level also has its own characteristics. There’s no one for-sure way for someone to enter the Backrooms. People that have claimed to go there say they found themselves in the Backrooms by means of touching a wall that seems out of place, going into an area that doesn’t feel right, or simply going there by accident in a dream. Although the name may seem non-threatening, don’t be fooled. The Backrooms are known to be extremely dangerous.


Here is everything you need to know about the Backrooms Levels 0 and 1:


Backrooms Levels:

Confirmed Levels:

  • Main levels
  • First levels discovered
  • You usually start here
  • Can are from laid back to very dangerous

Main Levels:

  • Level 0: “The Lobby”
  • Level 1: “Lurking Danger”
  • Level 2: “Pipe Dreams”
  • Level 3: “Electrical Station”
  • Level 4: “Office”
  • Level 5: “Terror Hotel”
  • Level 6 : “Lights Out”
  • Level 7: “The Flooded House”
  • Level 8: “The Cave System”
  • The End
  • The Beginning
  • The Hub

Sub Levels:

0    –     0.1: “Chaotic Structure” 

  • 0.2: “Remodeled Mess”

2    –     2.1: “The Concrete Canvas”

  • 2.2: “Constant Buzz”

4    –     4.1: “Whispering Halls”

  • 4.2: “Parking Lot of Fog”
  • 4.3: “Decayed”

6    –     6.1: “The  Snackrooms”

7    –     7.2: “The Titanic Titanic”

  • 7.9: “Surface Caves”

9    –     9.5: “The Crimson Field”

11  –     11.1: “Redwood Forest”

  • 11.2: “Perdition Exclusion Zone”

36  –     36.1: “The Plane”

58  –     58.1: “Bottom of the Barrel”

          178  –     178.1: “Smaerd Otoyk”

          226  –     226.1: “The Death Feast”

          389  –     389.1: “Silken Hell”

Negative Sub-Levels:

-4   –    -4.1: “Eyes on You”

Secret Sub-Levels:

Unknown     –    1.5: “Inverted”


Level 0:

  • Most likely the first level you’ll encounter in the backrooms


  • Repetitive
  • Smells like old moist carpet
  • Endless background noise of fluorescent lights buzzing
  • Approximately 600 million square miles
  • Randomly segmented, empty rooms
  • Few hallways
  • Few flights of stairs
  • You can tell if someone tried to escape the level when you see cracks/holes in the mono-yellow wallpaper
  • Some walls might have outlets, but most are useless
  • Sometimes cameras can be seen on the ceiling [RARE]
  • Some rooms/groups of room can be seen stained blood red [RARE]
  • Some rooms can be filled with decorations & other miscellaneous objects
  • There are a few pitch black rooms [you may hear whispers]
  • Safest level by far in the main 9
  • Meeting an entity is rare in this level, but can happen

Entities In Level 0:

  • Hounds:
    • The only creatures of the backrooms ever caught on video
    • Dangerous if provoked
    • If you hear a low rumble, back away slowly
    • From far away they resemble black dogs
    • Up close they look like contorted humans that run on all fours
    • One of the most common entities
    • Mostly seen n level 3, but can be found on most levels
    • H.P. Lovecraft fans compare these entities to The Hounds of Tindalos


  • Dullers:
    • Generally docile
    • Usually found on positive levels below level 3
    • Appear as dark grey humanoids
    • Lack several prominent features such as faces and ears
    • The way they kill is unknown
    • Usually run away from threats


  • Face lings:
    • Faceless 
    • Human-like
    • Most commonly come in two forms:
      • Type 1:
        • A faceless child wearing a vest and jeans, usually found on levels 2 & 3
        • Always shows up in groups of three
        • Tricksters
        • Have been known to be violent


  • Type 2:
    • A faceless adult wearing a plaid button-down shirt
    • Friendly
    • Only hostile when provoked
    • Can be male, female, or androgynous 


  • More specific types of facelings would include:
    • Pink dress facelings
    • Old man facelings
    • Polygonal facelings
    • Nude facelings
    • Shadow facelings
    • False facelings
    • Barry Mental Institute Staff
    • Eyed facelings
    • Indoctrinated facelings
    • Hotel Vymir Residents
    • Memory facelings


  • Lighters:
    • You can only survive this entity if you run until it loses you
    • Extremely rare 
    • Is very bright & will blind you
    • Same speed as an average person
    • If you get close to it you will feel hotter and hotter until you ignite & vaporize
    • You only vaporize if you touch it
    • Run through random areas to lose it
    • Small limit to stamina [they can only run 30 meters]
    • If you lose it, you’re safe


Level 1:

  • Level 1 is the 2nd level of the backrooms, roughly the same as Level 0 with only a few “minor” differences


  • Varies from person to person
  • Most common is gigantic biomes or vast expanses of grimy concrete with a low flying fog.
  • You could see dark rooms made of blue concrete  covered in pipes.
  • Level 1 is totally random
  • In Level 1 you will likely see concrete walls  instead of level 0’s mono-yellow wallpaper, tile floors instead of carpet, and dimmer fluorescent lights.

Entities In Level 1:

  • Dullers:
    • See [Entities in Level 0


  • Adult Face lings: 
    • See [Entities in Level 0


                Type 2)]

  • Hounds:
    • See [Entities in Level 0


  • Skin Stealers:
    • Normally docile
    • Only become agitated when touched
    • Avoid them whenever possible
    • Tall
    • Pale yellow
    • Humanoid with sunken white eyes
    • When agitated they hunt you down & charge you at an extremely high speed, kill them [details unknown], take their target’s skin, and wear it as a disguise
    • Explorers with huge scars along their chest, neck, or veins they may be a skin stealer
    • They have transparent blood
    • “Blood is read, he’s not dead. Bloods not in sight, get ready to fight.”
    • Typically found on levels 1 & 2


  • Scratchers:
    • Very hostile
    • Inhabits levels 1 & 2
    • Grey & disfigured 
    • Slender & tall
    • Looks slightly humanoid
    • No eye’s & claws that can extend to a full foot long
    • If they’re close, , you will hear a scratching noise, if you hear it, run
    • Superhuman hearing
    • Very aggressive & will not hesitate to kill you
    • Attracted to sound
    • Almost blind
    • Very agile, and can run at up to 40 mph, though they usually don’t exceed 15 mph
    • Very intelligent 
    • Most likely discovered by the Republic of Level 153

[See Colonies of Level 1


  • Escape it by throwing an object in the opposite direction and run


Colonies of Level 1

  • There are currently 8 known colonies and outposts in Level 1:
    • The Biologists
    • The Orderly Republic
    • Exploration Alpha
    • Sanction
    • Guide Outpost 03
    • Research Outpost 01
    • The Helpers
    • The B.E.U. (Backrooms Exploration Unit)


  • Trying to meet up with these colonies may prove to be very difficult as Level 1 stretches millions of miles


  • Republic of Level 153:
    • Outpost of the Republic of 153
    • Takes survivors
    • Has around 40 members
    • Has bound certain entities 


Entering Level 1:

  • Enter level 1 by spending 4 days in Level 0
  • You may find a fire escape that leads to Level 1 [rare]
  • Can also be reached randomly by hallways, staircases, or elevators
  • You could just spawn there
  • You can also enter Level 1 if you enter the correct code on the number pad on Level 1051


Leaving Level 1:

  • It’s possible to leave when just exploring
  • Level 1 usually leads to Level 2 or back to Level 0
  • Breaking through a cracked floor will lead you to a room in Level 0 with a cracked floor, breaking through the cracked floor in the level 0 room will lead you to Level 27
  • It is possible to no-clip through walls – this will take you to Level 229 or Level 188
  • To get to the hub from Level 1 you go forward through a door, to the end of a hall, turn around and double back, go into a room with 2 pathways . Go left, right,left, then right and you should end up at 2 doors labeled A and B. Take B. This will lead you to an identical room, take A. You are now in the hub.


As you can probably tell, there is a LOT to the backrooms; from countless levels and sublevels to beasts and beings unimaginable. Although there is no concrete proof that the Backrooms do in fact exist,there are several accounts made by people who have claimed to find themselves there. There’s not one “for sure” way to survive the Backrooms, or even get out. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll ever find yourself there. All we can really say is, stay safe. This concludes our Part 1 explaining some of the levels in the Backrooms. As we said before, there is a LOT to the Backrooms, so it would be nearly impossible to fit it all into one article. So, keep a look out for Part 2!