A-Z Advice for Life- John Beasley


John Beasley, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

Accept that things are the way they are.

Balance is key, and once you’ve let it go it’s hard to get back

Cocky attitudes get you smacked

Don’t think you know everything, you don’t know half as much as you think.

Everyone screws up, don’t get caught up on it, fix it and move on.

Forgive, don’t forget
Give when you can, but don’t waste your gifts on the unappreciative
Hold on to that little shred of hope, especially if it’s all you have.
In every situation there’s a positive solution.
Jump at every opportunity you get.
Kick the bad actors out of your life
Live, don’t just survive
Make the most out of every single moment you have, it can go in a flash.
Never surrender\Overcome, it’s always the only reasonable option.
Put aside time to reflect.
Quit beating yourself up over things in the past
Respect will get you farther than strength or intelligence ever will
Stop worrying about other people’s opinions, nothing they think or say should affect you
Think before you act.
Understand those around you

Verify your information before you make a judgment
Walk whenever you can
You can do whatever you set your mind to, if you’re willing to work.
Zealous people live longer than apathetic people.