A-Z Advice for Life- Alivia Coonts


Alivia Coonts, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

  • A- Appreciate yourself and others around you
  • B- Be the person you are not who others want you to be
  • C- Compassionate
  • D- Don’t focus on the future stay in the present 
  • E- Encourage yourself 
  • F- Find Real Friends, they are hard to find but once you have them don’t let them go
  • G- Go do great things
  • H- Hope for great things
  • I- Interact with people and become more involved
  • J- Just go with the flow
  • K- Keep it real, be realistic about your future decisions 
  • L- Love but don’t love too hard not all love lasts so don’t get tied up in it
  • M- Make yourself at home, this school is your family no matter how hard it is
  • N- Never fall into the wrong crowd
  • O- Obedient, obey the teacher school will be so much easier if you do that
  • P- Present, be in school on time and every day this will help your grades
  • Q- Quit doubting yourself 
  • R- Respect others for respect from others but most importantly respect yourself
  • S- Strong, stay strong for yourself mentally and physically
  • T- Truth, be truthful to others and yourself
  • U- Understand Procrastination, Don’t deny that you are going to procrastinate
  • V- Value all the memories you make and cherish them 
  • W- Wise, Make Wise Choices. Don’t look back on high school as a time of regrets.
  • X- Xenial, Be xenial when meeting new people.
  • Y- You, Always be you and never change that for anybody
  • Z- Zone, Get out of your comfort zone, become involved in things because if you don’t you will regret it