A-Z Advice for Life – Kristina Criswell

Kristina Criswell, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

Appreciate every moment, once these things are gone they are gone, don’t let it get too far away from you too quick.
Be kind, you should always be nice no matter what.
Crying is completely okay, it is extremely hard being new to a school so it’s okay to cry.
Don’t follow the wrong people, falling into the wrong group of friends is very easy to do. If you notice a red flag in people you are communicating with then immediately know you need different friends.
Embrace yourself, never change who you are to please anyone else. Be you.
Find the right group, find people who like you for who you are, people who have the same interests as you.
Gullibility, don’t be gullible, people make up stuff all the time to be nosey and to start problems, just ignore it.
Humble yourself, you are not better than anyone else because of your grades, year level, or friend group. Know that everyone is different.
Ignore what people say about you, people are going to talk, and be mean to you, it how people are, walk away and be the better person.
Just breathe, it’s all going to be okay, everything will be okay and you will make it through. Take a minute to breathe.
Keep it simple, don’t complicate things.
Laugh, enjoy yourself, and make it a good last few years of your high school life.
Maturing, when becoming older you must understand that not everyone is going to be as mature as you. And don’t hang onto that middle school mentality, but don’t grow up too fast.
No drama, avoid this completely, it is better to just worry about yourself.
Open-minded, stay understanding of everyone even if they don’t like you.
Praise yourself, let yourself know that you are proud of yourself for trying and give yourself the praise because it is hard and I am proud of you too.
Quit stressing, do not get yourself stressed out and overworked, that just makes things hard for you.
Relationships are NOT important, you are still a kid, focus on that and do not make a relationship your number one priority.
Stay out of others business, if you hear something about someone do not go and tell other people if you are concerned or feel the person absolutely needs to know go to them privately, tell them what was said, and don’t make them feel like you are instigating a fight.
Take it seriously, don’t stress yourself out of course but don’t just be lazy, and get involved in things, never be the person that does nothing at the school because they just don’t feel like it, then you wait till the last minute to join something.
Understand everyone has bad days, you can have a bad day that’s 100% okay but don’t let it continue to keep you down.
Value the people around you.
Watch out for peer pressure, it sucks and I know you may want to impress someone or make someone like you, but at the end of the day it’s probably better that the person doesn’t like you.
Xenas- means you are strong and confident, and I am proud of how far you have come.
You can be happy, if you really just let everything roll off your shoulders and just become a better version of yourself than you can be happy.
Zits will be your worst nightmare, just heads up and not everyone gets it, but acne sucks, wash your face please.