A-Z Advice for Life – Jaxon Fincher

Jaxon Fincher, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A- Act on your thoughts.
B- Be confident.
C- Carefree.
D- Don’t lose yourself.
E- Everyday matters.
F- Face reality.
G- Gain new friends.
H- Humor- Laugh everyday.
I- Improve- Improve yourself everyday.
J- Joyful- Be joyful even on your worst days.
K- Kind-hearted- Be kind hearted, it will really help you make more friends.
L- Laid-back- Always be as laid back as possible.
M- Memories- You’ll make memories everyday, don’t take them for granted.
N- Natural- Stay as natural as you can. Don’t change yourself for the wrong crowd.
O- Observant- Observe everybodys’ actions and words around you. It will really help you figure out who you need to be hanging around and who you don’t.
P- Pictures- Don’t forget to take pictures with your friends and the fun stuff you do in high school!
Q- Questioning- Ask questions in class if you don’t understand. Question yourself everyday. Question what you want to do after high school. Question yourself if your grades are good or bad.
R- Rude- There are lots of rude people here, just don’t be rude back. Don’t take what they say to heart either.
S- Stand up for yourself no matter how scared you are.
T- Time- Time flies by. Appreciate the time you have in high school because it will be over before you know it.
U- Understand others- Everybody has their own opinions, so try to understand other people and why they are the way they are.
V- Versatile- Learn to be versatile. There’s a lot of change in high school and you have to be willing to adapt to it, and fast at that.
W- Wholesome- Be as wholesome as possible. You may be going through a lot but I promise there is somebody that has it worse than you. Try to be a decent, moral person.
X- XO- Give plenty of hugs and kisses out, tomorrow isn’t promised!
Y- Yelling- Yell your voice out at pep rallies!
Z- Zealous- Be zealous. It means to be passionate and stand up for what you believe in, especially in relation to religion.