A-Z Advice for Life- Brenee Frier


Brenee Frier, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A- Accept people and yourself

B- Be yourself

C- Create a personality

D- Don’t judge

E- Envolve yourself in clubs or sports

F- Forgive but don’t forget

G- Give your best

H- Have empathy

I- Inside jokes

J- Joke around

K- Kindness, have it

L- Learn to the best of your ability

M- Music is the best 

N- No drama

O- Organize your work

P- Prioritize

Q- Question people but not too quickly

R- Respect is earned not given

S- Studying does NOT help everyone

T- Tune out bad vibes

U- Unite different people

V- Vibe with people

W- Whatever happens, happens it’s not the end of the world

X- X-factor you have important qualities

Y- You’re perfect

Z- Zillion people make the most of then