A-Z Advice for Life – Anonymous

Anonymous, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

Absence makes the heart grow weary
Beggars can definitely be choosers
Count your chickens before they hatch
Dark lines some clouds
Early worms get caught by the bird
Fix what you want, brokenness don’t matter
God can judge you but so can everyone else
Hakuna Matata
If you forgot, it probably wasn’t important
Justice isn’t real
Keep your friends close and forget about your enemies
Late is better than never
Milk was spilled. Cry about it.
Never argue with an idiot
Old people aren’t young
Put all your eggs in one basket
Quality over quantity, unless it is money.
Restart is still a start
Stuff happens 😉
The worst men often give the best advice
Understand that once you think you know something you don’t know what you think you know you just know what you know you think you think you know.
Very cool people are cooler than cool people.
When in Rome do as the Romans do
X marks the spot
You can’t crack an omelet without making some eggs
Zip zop zoobity bob