A-Z Advice for Life – Olyvia James

Olyvia James, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A-acceptance of you and others
B-be kind to all
C-comfort will only get you so far
D-don’t be full of drama
E-embrace change
F-Facing your fears equal freedom
G-Good friends may take longer to find, but they’re worth it
H-history, don’t forget it
I-inspire you and others
J-Jerks will occur throughout your whole life; learn how not to give them any energy
K-Kind hearted people are not always the nicest-looking people
L-Laziness is a habit that you need to learn to brake sooner than later
M-Music always helps
N-Nobody knows what others are going through, so be kind always.
O-Open minded
P-Put effort into something; it doesn’t have to be school work but find your happiness and put effort into that.
Q-Quit drugs; they only cause you more harm overall
S-struggle will happen; it will end eventually
T-Trust yourself
U-Use all the resources that are available to you
V-Victory comes from hard work
W-Withdraw from life sometimes to give yourself a break
X-xaroncharoo people are good friends
Y-You have to learn how to love yourself before you can truly love others
Z-Zealous-be full of passion