A-Z Advice for Life – Dorian Owens

Dorian Owens, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A- All the feelings
B- Broken hearts
C- Chill out bruvs
D- Don’t give up
E- Everything’s going to be worth it
F- Feel love from the real ones
G- Groups will come together and fall apart just as fast
H- Hakuna Matata
I- It’ll get hard but you can get through it if you just don’t give up
J- Jokes will get outta pocket really fast
K- Kindred spirits are here just have to find them
L- Love yourself, never forget that
M- Music is your friend
N- No toxic relationships, it’s not good for the mental no matter how you justify it
O- Overcome your insecurities about yourself, there’s nothing wrong with who you are not in the way you dress, speak, look, or act so stop trying to hurt yourself like that
P- Please don’t wear a mask or you might lose sight of who you are
Q- Quitting is an option but it won’t be the best one
R- Real relationships are rarely found but definitely worth it
S- Stop being childish your not a kid anymore
T- Trials are inbound for sure so be ready for your character development
U- Under pressure diamonds are formed
V- Very much worth it in the end; just trust me
W- When’s lunch???
X- XOXOXOXO love you random stranger
Y- You don’t need to be with anyone to make you happy, you can do that for yourself again, I promise
Z- Zoning out will most likely cause you to miss out on life, this thing only happens once you know might as well make it worth it