A-Z Advice for Life – Amanjinae Shelton

Amanjinae Shelton, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A-Always think
B-Bring a pencil
C-Cut off fake friends
D-Drive to be the best
E-Even out the score with everyone(Always treat people the same)
F-Forgive more than you forget
G-give more than you take
H-help more than you look away
I-in a world of dark bring light
J-joke more than you frown
K-kind over mean
L-love more than hate
M-motivate more that you discourage
N-navigate the lost more than you laugh at the lost.
O-open more than you keep close
P-play more than work
Q-quiet when the teacher is talking or trying to help you
R-rest so you can be up early and bright having fun with people at school.
S-stop a bully when you see one
T-Teach about your culture.
U-Unite instead of dive
V-Vow your words and keep the promise
W-Walk with pride
X-Xams are stressful but just breath
Y-your youth enjoy it
Z- Zen-” The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there. To live only for some future goal is shallow. It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.”-Robert. M Pirsig