A-Z Advice for Life – Emma Tharpe

Emma Tharpe, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A- ask for help
B- be yourself
C- confidence is key
D- don’t be a pick me
E- everyone makes mistakes
F- forgive but don’t forget
G- give yourself grace
H- humble yourself
I- it’s okay to take longer than others
J- just say no when you’re uncomfortable
K- keep a positive attitude
L- love yourself
M- most people only care about themselves
N- nothing is worth your happiness
O- open minded
P- people come and go
Q- quality over quantity
R- respect everyone
S- stay
T- the three-month rule
U- understand time heals all wounds
V- value the little things
W- when you love someone, tell them
X- xo
Y- you’re worth it
Z- zazzy