A-Z Advice for Life- Jacob Robbins


Jacob Robbins, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A- Accept yourself 

B- Be positive

C- Congratulate yourself

D- Don’t give up

E- Express yourself

F- Fearless

G- Give people hugs

H- Happiness is key 

I- Intelligence will get you a long way

J- Just do it 

K- Keep a positive mindset

L- Live highschool to the fullest

M- Make good friends

N- Never give up on yourself

O- Overcome anything that comes at you

P- Positive attitude 

Q- Quality is very important

R- Remember to always stay positive and smile

S- Stick with the plan

T- Take all the stress and throw it away

U- Understand that it gets better with time

V- Victory always start in the head

W- Win no matter what the cost is 

X- Xenial- Being positive or happy to someone

Y- You can do anything you put your mind to

Z- Zealous- Passionate and Enthusiastic