A-Z Advice for Life- Alexis Smith


Alexis Smith, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A: ask for help!

B: be funny.

C: care for yourself.

D: don’t be annoying.

E: everybody is sad at times.

F: fight at Wendy’s not at school.

G: good grades don’t always mean straight A’s.

H: have empathy for others.

I: in the end, you’ll only be successful if you think you are.

J: just because you have a lot of friends doesn’t mean you’ll be happy.

K: keep your opinions to yourself.

L: love yourself before you try and love anything / anyone else.

M: most people are just as anxious / insecure as you are.

N: no one will ever really be exactly what you want.

O: observance is key.

P: privilege is real.

Q: “queen bee” is not a real thing in high school.

R: real friends don’t make fun of you.

S: stay awake.

T: the best thing you can do is mind your own business.

U: understanding others is not that hard.

V: Vera Bradley backpacks aren’t worth the money…

W: winning doesn’t always make you feel achieved.

X: x’s should only be in the alphabet.


Z: zone 4 is not the zone to break dress code at…