A-Z Advice for Life- Rylee Waller


Rylee Waller, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A- always turn in assignments on time

B- be on time

C- care free 

D- Don’t second guess yourself

E- eat whatever you want

F- find great friends 

G- go out and try new things

H- have good attendance 

I- inspire others 

J- just be yourself 

K-kill them with kindness 

L-live laugh love

M- make good grades

N- no drugs!!!!!

O- organize your time for things 

P- parents are always right 

Q-quitting is not the answer 

R- realize what you have before its gone 

S- Snitches get stitches 

T- talk nice to peers 

U- Umbrella. always have one 

V-validate your feelings 

W- wow your self 

X- X’s and O’s 

Y- Your important 

Z- zebras are cool