A-Z Advice for Life- Zeki Williams


Zeki Williams, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A- Always watch your back.  People aren’t always nice.

B- Be on time. Detention is annoying.

C- Cut off people who are gonna drag you down. These next 4 years are important.

D- Don’t be disrespectful.

E- Earn people’s respect, being disrespectful isn’t it.

F- Forgive and but don’t always forget.

G- Grades are everything. If you mess up now then you won’t come out of high school how you want to.

H- Humble. Just be humble.

I-  It’s ok to not be ok. Most teachers understand.

J- Just be yourself.

K- Know your limit

L-  Losers are cool. 

M- Make friends.

N- Notice your strengths and weaknesses

O- Own up to mistakes. 

P- Participate 

Q- Quit acting childish, People don’t like annoying freshmen. 

R- Reach your goals. 

S- Start thinking about your future.

T- Think before you speak.

U- Use your brain, don’t get in bad situations.

V- Vaping in school is stupid, you’re gonna get caught. Everyone does.

W- Who are you? Ask yourself that and become who you want to be.

X- X marks the spot-choose the spot in high school where you want to be and reach your goals

Y- You’re great. Don’t let others change you

Z- Zeroes are not better than low grades.