Tamara 2005 ~ Movie Review Series

This is a Horror movie review do not read if you don’t like horror in general or mentions of gore.

Tamara 2005 ~ Movie Review Series


Tamara, a 2005 supernatural horror film starring Jenna Dewan, has stuck with me since the first time I watched it in 2019, it was, and still is one of the best thriller-horror movies from the 2000s that I could watch, and never get bored of. Tamara is about a high school girl who uses witchcraft and is bullied for not only that but her looks. In a prank gone wrong Tamara, unfortunately enough for her bullies Patrick, Shawn, and Keisha, is killed.

Now in every good horror film, we have to have at least one resurrection and the poor witch, Tamara, is it for this 2005 film. But our ‘poor witch’ is no longer innocent and definitely isn’t anyone’s doormat any more. Tamara had come back from the dead, and it certainly was a fright for Chloe, Jessie, Roger, Kiesha, and certainly Partick and Shawn when she showed up in class the next day, “Better than ever”.

Shawn, Roger, Patrick, Keisha, and Chloe try to rationalize this new… development. They eventually end up trying to convince themselves that she must have just been unconscious, and dug herself out of the shallow grave they gave her in the woods, Tamara wouldn’t stand for that.

Tamara approaches Roger, the nerd who had no idea of the prank when it happened but watched the whole time, in the school audiovisual room. She describes every little detail she went through, haunting him with hallucinations of what she felt when they ‘buried her alive’. The next day he releases a school-wide broadcast telling everyone that he did something bad, and he takes out a box cutter. “Hear no evil,” he cuts off his ear, “Speak no evil,” he cuts out his tung, “See no evil.” He makes a final and fatal stab to his eye. Roger is dead.

Later that night Tamara visits her teacher, Mr.Natolly. Mr.Natolly is Tamaras’ crush, she was obsessed with him, and she even went as far as to use her witchcraft to make his wife, Addison Natolly, have miscarriages and many more fertility issues to keep them from having a child. When Tamara visits Mr.Natolly she tries to seduce him, he ever so loyal to his wife Addison, refuses her. Even after this, she still tries to wedge her way into their marriage with no success, she decides to get revenge on another one of her bullies, Keisha, Shawn, and Patrick.

To get to Shawn, Partick, and Keisha, Tamara has to attend a big party and at that party, she puts a spell on Patrick and Shawn to make them ‘make love to one another. Keisha, Patrick’s girlfriend, tried to stop Tamara, but Tamara had other plans. Tamara ends up telling Keisha that she is, “Skin and Bones, you really should eat more.” referencing her eating disorder. When Tamara says this it puts a spell on Keisha, she now has an insatiable hunger, she immediately walks out of the room and goes straight to the kitchen and eats everything in sight, her friends pull her away, and all run out of the party in fear of what Tamara may do. Keisha, taken out of the party by Jessie and Chloe, without food to eat and still under Tamara’s spell, begins to eat her flesh off of her fingers. While Keisha is having what Jeffery Dhamer calls a snack, Jessie, Chloe, and Mr.Natolly are in her house trying to figure out how she came back to life, and who she’s out to get next.

When Jessie, Chloe, and Mr.Natolly go into Tamara’s home they immediately call out for Tamara’s father, but there is no answer. Tamara had made him eat glass beer bottles because of his addiction. They found him with his throat shredded and him dead. They move to search Tamara’s room, and they find a spell book describing the ritual that Tamara tried to perform, the practice required blood to be spilled, and they all realized that that night when they killed Tamara, her blood had been spilled. But unfortunately for Mr.Natolly, Jessie, and Chloe, Tamara while they were searching, was at Mr.Natolly’s house controlling Patrick and Shawn, making them attack Ms. Allison Natolly. They try their best to attack Allison, but she ends up stabbing Patrick with a utility knife and stabbing Shawn with a broken shovel out of self-defense, causing their deaths.

Allison and Keisha are saved and taken to the hospital to be treated, but unfortunately, Keisha was still under Tamara’s spell. Keisha ends up stabbing and killing Jessie after chasing him and Chloe down, Chloe fortunately enough, Knocks Keisha down and escapes… now the ending, you’ll have to watch for; But overall from the opening scene to the end credits, Tamara is an amazing and worth-while movie to watch.