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Ranking Chapter 5 Season 1’s Non-Licensed Battle Pass Skins



As the Fortnite season nears its end in just a month, the “Under Ground” battle pass begins to come to a close. The recent season has brought about several new skins with breathtaking designs that are definitely worth ranking. So as the season comes to a close let’s dive into my personal ranking of this battle pass’s non-licensed skins.




      6. Nisha
                         “An honorable duelist in a dishonorable Society.”


Nisha is the fourth skin in the “Under Ground” battle pass, unlocked when the player reaches level 38. Like a few of the other skins this season, she is on the map as a hostile boss located in Fencing Fields. As for lore, Nisha is the owner of fencing fields, a flowberry farm that she inherited from her wealthy family.

     Nisha is an epic-tier skin in the pass. She is seen wearing luxury fencing gear, including a mask with selectable styles alongside the option to be taken off.

Out of all the skins, Nisha places last. Although she is a great skin, out of all the characters introduced this season I feel that she tends to be rather boring when compared to the rest.






          5. Hope
                       “Make some trouble. Change the world.”


Hope is the first skin in the battle pass. She is unlocked immediately upon purchasing the season’s pass. Unlike Nisha, she is not a hostile character. She can be located on the season’s map as a friendly NPC. Hope is found northwest of Hazy Hillside, in the railway tunnel, inside a hidden room where she sells useful equipment to players.

Hope is an epic tier skin with a secondary style that makes her outfit pink. Alongside the pink version of her outfit, she has a customization option that allows the player to wear a beanie with catlike ears or remove it.

While this skin is cute, Hope placed where she is because to me she just feels a little clunky. Some of the accessories just feel unnecessary or off which led me to put her in spot number five.





          4. Oscar
                       “Nothing’s gonna change his stripes.”


    Oscar is the second skin in this season’s battle pass, unlocked after reaching level 14. This skin is epic-tiered and can be found on the map as a hostile boss. Oscar is located at Lavish Lair, which he owns. He is a wealthy hunter and gardener, which can be taken away from his map location.

Oscar is a humanoid tiger that is seen wearing a suit in-game. He has other styles that change the color of his fur, one making him white and the other dark blue with glowing stripes. I placed Oscar in fourth because overall I just believe he is a well-designed character, with enjoyable styles. Despite this, he is a tad boring when compared side by side with some of the other characters this season.




           3. Vengeance Jones
                              “Iconic renegade on a mission for retribution.”


           Jones is a classic Fortnite character appearing in many different battle passes throughout the game. He is the third skin in this battle pass, unlockable upon reaching level 26. Like the others, he is an epic-tiered skin who appears on the map as an NPC. He can be found in the Underground HQ.

Jones has two uniquely different styles besides his default, one allowing him to look like he was pulled straight from a comic book and the other being the same but making him black and white. Regularly he is seen wearing a brown jacket, sunglasses, and a red scarf. Overall I believe he is one of the best skins in the past and it posed difficulty to rank him.




           2. Valeria
                              “Play with fire.”


Valeria is the final skin in the battle pass. She is unlocked upon reaching level 78. Unlike the other skins mentioned so far, she is a legendary-tier skin, and rightfully so. Valeria can be located on the map as a hostile boss, her location being Reckless Railways.

As for lore, Valeria is the highest-ranking member of The Society. She is also an older sister to Hope. Besides this, she has the ability to manipulate fire which is really cool.

In her default outfit, Valeria wears pink and white, with bright flames littering different parts of her outfit. She also wears sunglasses, which the player can remove. In her alternate style, she wears a black fur coat with pink flames covering the bottom while rocking a different hairstyle. Overall, I put her in second because by far I believe she has one of the best designs and stories this season.







          1. Montague
                              “Heart of diamond. Nerves of steel.”


Montague is the fifth skin in the Fortnite battle pass. This character is unlocked when the player reaches level 54. In the lore, Montague is the founder of The Society. He is a professional thief and can manipulate diamonds. He owns the hotel at Grand Glacier where you can find him as a hostile boss this season.

As for appearance, Montague has black and white hair and wears a diamond amulet around his neck. If you look at his eyes, he has heterochromia iridium, making his left eye brown while his right eye is blue. He typically wears a trenchcoat, the design varying with different styles. As for styles, he has a style that completely covers his body in diamonds.

Overall, I ranked this skin first because I believe his lore is the most interesting while having the most appealing character design qualities.





Conclusively, this battle pass has introduced many delightful skins to the season and I can not wait to see what Epic Games has in store for us next season.

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My name is Dallas Rogers, I am a senior in high school and I am attending Austin Peay next year to major in graphic design. My hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, writing, binge-watching TV shows, and drawing.

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