A-Z Advice for Life – Ellie Westbrook

Ellie Westbrook , Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing Class

A- Act nice
B- Be yourself
C- Count your blessings
D- Don’t change yourself
E- Encourage others
F- Fulfill your dreams
G- Get good grades
H- Have a good attitude
I- Inspire other people
J- Just do it #nike
K- Kindness matters
L- Live life to the fullest
M- Make good choices
N- No question is a bad question
O- Overcome your fears
P- Prove yourself wrong
Q- Quit doubting yourself
R- Respect your peers
S- Study for your tests
T- Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live life for today
U- Understand that your feelings are valid
V- Volunteer
W- Weird is cool. Do not be afraid to express yourself
X- X-rays. Try not to break any bones. lol
Y- You can do anything you put your mind to
Z- Zip your lips while the teacher is talking