A-Z Advice for Life- Elle Sellars


Elle Sellars, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

A- Apologize to people you wronged

B- Be kind and cool

C- Clubs are good places to make friends and pass time

D- Do what YOU want to do, not what others say you should.

E- Eventually, you will change from who you were; don’t stop it.

F- Friends are people who make you a better you, not people who make you a better them.

G- Grow up; get rid of your middle school mentality.

H- Hard work will get you anywhere YOU want it to.

I- If something happens, it was meant to. You will get through it.

J- Just because you get good grades, that does not mean you HAVE to pursue a difficult career. If you get bad/average grades, that does NOT mean you have to pursue a simple/easy career.

K- Keep up with your work and you will have a lot less stress.

L- Listen to the teachers and should have no problems with grades.

M- Mind your own business.

N- Not knowing what you want to do is okay. Don’t let it distract you from what you’re doing now.

O- Other people’s business is their business. Don’t try to make it your business.

P- Pay attention to the now not the eventually.

Q- Quit putting others before yourself but don’t be selfish.

R- Respect goes both ways. Respect others, but only if they respect you too.

S- Stop being friends with people stuck with their middle school mentality

T- Take a break during freshman and/or sophomore year before getting in a relationship.

U- Unlike middle school, no one cares. You shouldn’t either. 

V- Violence is unwanted. Don’t start fights.

W- When people walk away from you, let them. They’re not a part of your story.

eXtracurriculars are a good way to pass time and make friends.

Y- Your future is YOUR future NOT your family’s.

Z- Zooming through highschool and not living through it is something you will regret later.